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Topping Up Your Fruit and Vegetable Intake to Make the Grade

We know eating fruits and vegetables is essential to remain healthy – But sometimes getting seven servings is challenging. Here’s tips to make the grade.

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Boost Your Health and Stay Young by Eating the Right Foods

There are many foods that can help to slow down the aging process and keep you young as long as possible. Here’s my pick and reasons why to keep you healthy.

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Think Choline To Put Your Brain on Super-Unleaded Fuel

To think and remember everything with as much clarity as possible you need to consume enough of a water-soluble essential nutrient known as choline. Choline is a building block that is needed for the synthesis of a brain chemical or neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine. In fact it is the primary building block of it. If you have lots of it then your mind will be razor sharp and your memory will be clear. You need the mental power and energy that comes from choline which is often considered to be a B-complex vitamin although it is officially not as of yet. Choline is needed for the formation of lecithin in the body and is required for the metabolism of fat. Lecithin helps to emulsify fats. Want to learn more?

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Be Holiday Healthy! – Eating Tips to Keep You on Track

Gaining weight during the holidays is easy with all the celebrations – here are some ways to eat healthy at your Christmas gatherings but still have fun.

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Ways to Keep Yourself Regular With the Right Herbs

Becoming regular and maintaining regularity is easier than you might think. If you have a problem with regularity then here’s some information you may find interesting. Keeping your digestive system running smoothly and as clear as possible can help you in your quest to be energetic and full of vim and vigor. When your stomach is working as it should you will feel clean and fresh on the inside and regularity will be promoted and maintained. This will also support the health of your intestines. As well a healthy digestive system is one where waste is naturally and safely eliminated from the body when necessary.

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Move Over Apples – There’s a New Super Food in Town!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Or so we have been told for most of our lives. While this may have been true in years gone by it is less true today. The reason for this is because the produce that you buy from the grocery store today has much less vitamins, minerals and fiber in it. In fact this may surprise you but you would have to eat 26 apples a day in modern times to equal the nutritional content of one apple from 1914! The reason this is the case is because today’s commercial farming is such that many of the essential nutrients are removed from the food which means that the food has less ability to keep you healthy, energetic and full of vitality!

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The Herb of Grace Known as Bacopa

Have you ever heard of the herb bacopa? If you are not familiar with this herb then you’re not alone. Bacopa is not very well known in the United States as of yet but is very popular and highly respected in India. Often referred to as the “herb of grace” bacopa is a perennial plant that has purplish white flowers and a pleasant lemon scent to it. Let’s take a closer look at the herb of grace.

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The Secret of SOD – Superoxide Dismutase

The words Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is not likely to be words you are used to hearing all of the time. Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is an enzyme found in the body that repairs cells. It also does its part to reduce the damage done to the cells by superoxide, which happens to be the most common free radical in the body. Free radicals are very bad news for the cells! SOD can be found in the dermis as well as the epidermis and plays a very important role in producing healthy fibroblasts (otherwise known as the cells that build skin).

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The Connection That Exists Between High Blood Pressure and Chocolate

You would never think high blood pressure and chocolate could go together would you? The interesting thing is that researchers are finding that there is a connection and this is good news for chocolate lovers everywhere. What you may not realize is that food is powerful. The right type of foods can help to keep your body and mind strong and in tune. They can also help to prevent illnesses and disease and can cleanse, heal and rejuvenate you. What a refreshing thought! You hold that power in your hand! Chocolate is not the evil food we are led to believe it is as long as it is eaten in moderation. While it does contain a high percentage of fat and sugar, eaten in small quantities, chocolate can treat high blood pressure and can help to normalize it.

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Start Supplementing with Chromium and Get a Leaner Body

Chromium is a mineral that most people are not getting nearly enough of despite the fact that it is needed for optimum health. Chromium is also beneficial for another important reason – it can help to give you a leaner body with more muscle. If the results you are receiving at the gym are not what you are aiming for then perhaps you need to turn to chromium instead! You may wonder why it is that the majority of us are not consuming the amounts of this essential nutrient that our bodies need to be healthy. There are a variety of reasons why this mineral appears to get left out.

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Boost Your Immune System with These Flavonoids

Our immune system has its work cut out for it! This hard working system of the human body works overtime to keep our bodies healthy, strong and resistant to bacteria, viruses, illnesses and diseases. It does its best to fight every invader from the common cold to yeast infections to cancer. That is why taking care of your immune system is so important. It needs your cooperation to be as healthy as it possibly can be! And making sure you get an ample supply of flavonoids helps your immune system. But what are they?

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Letting Nature Do What it Does Best to Control Your Weight

It wasn’t too long ago that the medical community did not know there was such a thing as a hormone in the body that was connected to weight. Once they discovered it they named it leptin. It took some time for this hormone to be fully understood and there were some views circulating in the medical community for a while that were incorrect regarding it. What we now know is that leptin is a hormone that is in place to control hunger. Unfortunately if an individual puts on too much weight then they become what is referred to as leptin resistant. The brain will simply choose to ignore the signals that leptin is sending out. Why this is the case is not known.


Healing Herbs from Bali to Help You Now

In Bali healing herbs are very important. Jamu is the name that is given to the ancient group of natural cures and medicines that are a staple throughout this province of Indonesia. The Balinese people are not that trusting of Western medicine and not inclined to turn to drugs when they encounter a health problem. What they look for instead is natural cures in the form of herbs to help what ails them. There are numerous different kinds of trees that grow in Bali and they each have something unique to offer.

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The Medicinal Uses of a Strange Named Fruit Called Soursop

What a strange name for a fruit- soursop- but oh does it have its share of medicinal uses. This fruit grows in Bali, Indonesia and has a white pulp that is very sweet to taste and therefore makes for a very delicious drink. It tastes like a mixture of cream and candy which can satisfy even the most finicky person’s palate. Soursop fruit is rich in vitamin C, the mineral calcium and the essential amino acid lysine.

Here in the United States we do not think of medicine as tasting good. We generally think of it as bitter and dread the thought of taking it. We also only think of medicine when we are sick and take it as a means of getting well. In Indonesia medicine is viewed differently.

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Getting Back to Your True Nature and as Nature Intended

You may have never taken a narcotic in your life but what you may be surprised to know is that some foods we eat are narcotic-like because of their addictive quality. For instance eating pretzels or enjoying a bagel smeared with cream cheese is very addictive and biologically it is very similar to the way in which narcotic drugs are addictive. If you have ever noticed that the more grains you eat the more you crave them then this is the addictive effect that you are experiencing. You may wonder what accounts for this. The reason is that grains such as barley, rye and wheat contain a substance known as “exorphins” that has a similar effect on the system to morphine.

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Proper Nutrition Starts with Eating Breakfast

Think a nutritious breakfast is out of your reach because of your jam-packed schedule? If you were quick to answer yes then think again.

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A Morning without Coffee? – There is Something Better for You!

Coffee in the morning is a common occurrence for many people. Coffee may give you that jolt that you need to start your day but it can also leave you feeling nervous and jittery, plus eventually you will crash when you come down from your coffee high and your energy levels will plummet. What if there was something better than coffee that would improve your energy, your focus, your memory and make you feel more alert? What if you did not need to experience the crash that coffee brings with it? Would you want to give such a compound a try? Here’s more…

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Piaba – Womans Best Friend

If hot flashes have got you feeling a lot hotter than you want to then it may be time to learn a new word – Piaba. If you are a woman who is going through menopause and you have never heard of piaba before then do not worry, a great number of other women have not heard of it either. In fact your medical doctor may not be that quick to bring it to your attention either. What then is piaba?

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Why Blueberries Will Make You Feel Far from Blue

The berry family is rich in antioxidants, is easy to eat, can provide a complement to so many different foods and what’s more are very delicious. Without deliberately shunning anyone of the bright and beautiful berry family if you could only choose one to eat and enjoy then make it blueberries! Blueberries have many amazing health benefits and are a fruit that you should make sure you eat as often as possible. According to a research study that was presented at the 2009 Experimental Biology Conference a diet that contains a plentiful supply of blueberries can lower blood cholesterol, as well as improve glucose control and insulin sensitivity. Eating blueberries regularly also reduces the risk of developing diabetes or developing heart disease.

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Why What You Eat Can Affect What You Hear

You probably know a few people who suffer from hearing loss. Many people assume that loss of hearing is related to getting older. What you may not know is that hearing loss may instead be connected to not eating the right foods and not getting enough nutrients on a regular basis. Not only does this provide a brand new perspective on hearing loss but it also points to a viable means of how to prevent it from getting started in the first place. Hearing loss is not something that necessarily just starts when a person gets old. It can actually start much earlier in life. Hearing loss can begin at any age. Studies have shown that as many as 26 million Americans between the ages of 20 and 69 have already developed high frequency hearing loss. Here’s more.

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Grass-Fed Beef is Not Pink! – Educating Yourself About Organic Meat

If you have eaten organic meat then you know that there is a difference in how it looks and how it tastes in comparison to commercially produced meat. Grass-fed beef is well… so much better. If you have never been treated to grass-fed beef or pork then you do not realize how unnatural the pale pink beef and the white pork that you see at the grocery store really is. Once you start enjoying the nutritional benefits of grass-fed meat you will never return to the “other” way of producing meat. Grass-fed beef, chicken and pork are not pumped full of harmful antibiotics or chemicals. The animals also enjoy their lives and are treated humanely and with the dignity they deserve.

Eating Healthy While Vacationing in Your Car

Eating Healthy While Vacationing in Your Car

In the second of my travel related eating healthy tips I’ll cover some tips for car travel today.Road trips in the summer can be fun for the whole family and offer plenty to see and do along the way. The good thing about setting off on a vacation in your car or truck is that you have room to pack what you need and the options for eating right are often more plentiful than when you take a trip by plane or train. Get the cooler out of the basement and dust it off for your trip. And here’s what to pack inside.

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Healthy Eating Tips for When You Make Your Next Flight

Your summer vacation is almost upon you and this year your plans are taking you on an airplane. Travel can be very exciting but often times it leads to food choices that are anything but nutritious. Not eating healthy can also lead to weight gain during the summer months. It is not completely impossible to eat healthy when you go somewhere in an airplane on your summer break. You may need to do a bit of extra planning and put a little more effort into it but here are some tips to help you in this endeavor.

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Three Nutrients that are a Must for Everyone

There are three critical nutrients that are missing from the diets of Americans because we are told by our doctors to not eat meat and instead to consume corn, grains and soy. We are also cautioned to avoid animal protein which is an essential component needed for a normal blood sugar level. Our body gets confused by this because the foods we are told to eat do not contain the nutrients we require. We are also told that we do not need supplements because we should be getting everything we require from the foods we eat. As a result we do not get enough chromium, vitamin K and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). These nutrients are the number one reason why taking a nutritional supplement is important for your health and well-being.

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Eating for a Healthy Gallbladder

The gallbladder is pear-shaped organ that stores and concentrates bile – bile is a liquid used in digestion – here’s how to keep it healthy.

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