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Understanding What Empty Calories are All About

Empty calories may sound like a strange term. How can calories be empty you may wonder? To put it simply, empty calories are high calories that are low in nutritional value. They are empty and high at the same time. Junk food is a good example of food that has a high percentage of empty calories. Empty calories do you no good whatsoever as they provide no value to your health at all. Discover more here.

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Keep Your Weight and Your Nutritional Needs in Mind

Indulging in foods you enjoy once in a while is all right to do as is overeating (such as when you go to visit your mother or go out to a party) as long as it does not happen frequently. Loving the taste of something and wanting to eat a little more of it than you need to is fine as food is not something that you are supposed to dislike (fine once in a while that is). Is it possible to indulge in the pleasure of food and not have to worry that your weight will pay the price? Sure it is. These two things are not mutually exclusive. It is also possible to enjoy foods you really like on occasion without completely forgetting your nutritional needs. Here’s more…

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Is it Comfort Food You Need or Just Plain Comfort?

The next time you want to reach for some comfort food stop and ask yourself if it is food you really want or if you are just looking for some comfort? What you may not realize is that when you use food as a means of comforting yourself you are actually denying yourself the comfort that you need at that moment and that you also deserve. The real need that you should be listening to is not getting heard if you rush to the refrigerator or the cupboards to look for something to eat whenever you feel tired, angry, anxious, sad, scared, frustrated or just plain stressed out. Here’s more…

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Paying Attention to the Size of Your Plates!

When you go to a restaurant do you ever take the time to notice the size of the plates that you are eating your food on? If you don’t then next time you eat out make an effort to pay close attention to the plate sizes. What you will discover might surprise you – the plate sizes in restaurants are getting bigger and bigger! While you may wonder – what’s the big deal with that? – the reality is that plate size has an effect on your weight and can affect your ability to shed pounds.Here’s what to do…

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Restoring Your Power and Feeling Good Again!

Feeling empowered in your own life is an amazing feeling but suffering from powerlessness is not so good. In fact it feels downright horrendous. Powerlessness is an untrue belief but one that is held by emotional eaters that convinces them that they have lost control in their own lives. This also means that they have no control over the foods that they eat and how much they eat. When you are able to regain your power then your eating habits will return to normal. Restoring your power is so significant to your well-being because it helps you to live your life to its fullest.

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Drop Some Pounds by Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep sometimes seems like a precious and scarce commodity for many of us. Whether you look forward to crawling into your bed at night for a peaceful night’s rest or whether you wish you didn’t have to sleep so you could have more hours in a day to complete the things you need to do, the reality is that everyone of us needs sleep. Not getting enough sleep is a problem for many people and can leave them feeling groggy, unrested, unfocussed and lacking in energy. Not sleeping enough is also connected to eating more food and gaining weight. Learn more.

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How You May Not Be to Blame for Extra Weight and What To Do

Don’t you hate it when you get accused of being weak willed or undisciplined or even lazy if you gain weight back after losing it? Studies have shown that the weight gain may not be all about you after all. It may not just be about what and how much you eat, how much you exercise or how much self-control you have. No sirree! A new study has discovered a category of brain messengers that physicians have labelled “fat-reduction messengers.” These pesky messengers may be the real reason that those pounds keep sneaking up on you and refuse to go away for good. Here’s what to do about it…

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Why New England Winter Reminds me of Weight Loss and How to Beat it!

Here’s a different way of looking at weight loss and how it compares with a New England winter and tips to beat the losing weight cycle!

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The 4 Rules of Eating to Get To and Stay at Your Right Size

It doesn’t matter what diet you’re on stick to these 4 rules and you will get to your ideal weight and stay there – these are simple to remember.

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The Brown Fat Revolution – Can It Help You with Weight Loss?

Is Brown Fat and its ability to burn white fat the next weight loss revolution? Find out the good, the bad and ugly here…

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Taking the Risk out of Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a risky business – every time you eat there is the risk you will blow your diet or ingest something you hadn’t intended – plan here…

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Food Companies Pledge Reduction in Saturated Fats – Why It Won’t Work

Finally food companies are acknowledging of the bad things they’ve been pumping into their foods – but is it enough? You decide here…

Simple Tips for Coping with Emotional Eating

It isn’t easy to stick with a sensible and healthy diet if you tend to eat when you are feeling emotional – but here’s some tips to keep you straight…

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Let the Past Go and Pave a New Way into Your Future

Getting belief you’ll succeed in weight loss is step one – ignore failures of the past as they have no relevance today – here’s more thoughts on belief.

How to Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Success Right Now!

How to Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Success Right Now!

Success at weight loss isn’t an innate trait that you are born with – instead it is a learned skill and we do things to sabotage ourselves – here’s more…

Decking the Halls Without Ruining Your Weight Loss Goals

Decking the Halls Without Ruining Your Weight Loss Goals

The holiday season can be the most difficult to stick to your weight loss goals but there are some simple things you can do to keep on track.

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How to Turn your Emotional Eating Switch to OFF!

Any number of life circumstances can trigger a bout of emotional eating – here’s what’s going on and how to turn the switch to OFF!

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How to Overcome Powerlessness

Emotional eating can be broken down to reveal some very simple truths – these truths boil down to one word – powerlessness – here’s more…

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Taking that First Vital Step to End the Emotional Eating Cycle

All eating is emotional – but there some emotional eating is damaging to ourselves and difficult to break the cycle – here’s info. in first step.

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What to Do If You Don’t Believe You Can Lose Weight

Many people struggle to keep weight off or be successful in weight loss program because they don’t believe they can be successful – here’s what to do.

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Fat Reduction Flowers in Bali – Accelerate Weight Loss Today

People in Bali do not have the obesity levels we see in western societies – they have access to a number of healthy plants and foods – here’s more info.

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How to Stop Feeding the Nightime Overeating Monster!

If you find yourself overeating at nighttime then there’s reasons for this – here are some ways to stop feeding this monster to get you on a healthy track.

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Don’t Forget Your Weight During Your Overindulgent Moments!

Occasional food indulgent moments – overeating – will not signal the end of your weight control plan but you need to ensure its rare – here’s more.

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Recommitting to Your Weight Loss Goals After a Lapse

There are traits common to those who make new healthier habits in their life and then keep those habits – if you’re struggling here’s some explanations.

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Are Your Fat-Reduction Messengers Behaving Themselves?

When our normal fat-reduction signals end up working against leptin resistance can set in spoiling any of our weight loss plans – here’s what to do.

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