How Lack of Sleep Can Impact Your Weight and What to Do

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Lack of sleep can lead to overeating

Sleeping and eating are connected.

Here is something else that may surprise you to know – one of the best diet aids around today is not something you buy at a store or online. It is sleep. Pure and simple sleep.

To keep your weight under control and to prevent yourself from overeating you need to get the right amount of sleep, not just tonight, but tomorrow night, and the next night and the next and … you get the picture.

While I’m not suggesting that the more you sleep the less you’ll weigh, what I am saying is that lack of sleep can cause us to compensate in other ways and one is overeating.

Overeating often is not the result of a lack of willpower but instead is related to being completely exhausted. When you do not get enough sleep on a regular basis you can start to notice the pounds creeping up on you. This can happen much more easily than you realize.

The question then becomes – why do some people have a difficult time calling it a day and heading off to bed?

How often have you found yourself falling asleep while watching television or tried to keep your eyes open while staring at your computer screen? Many people have the tendency to stay up late to get extra work done or watch TV or surf the net or just kick back and relax. Sometimes the responsibilities of life are so demanding that we need that extra time in the day to get everything we can finished before we can retire for the night.

The problem is that many people have eaten more food than they require for such a lengthy period of time that they no longer know when biologically they are hungry and when they are not. In the same way, many of us no longer know when we are overtired.

To keep up with the pressures exerted upon us in our daily lives we push ourselves beyond what we should and we push past the exhaustion we feel to keep ourselves going. To help us do that we overeat or binge on food.

When you do not get enough sleep at night this brings about the production of hormones that causes the body to stubbornly hold onto extra pounds. In other words, getting a little more sleep will prevent you from wanting too much in the evening hours and therefore you will not take in any extra calories. A little extra shut eye each night will also aid your body in physically keeping the pounds off.

But that is not all being well rested can do for you. When you are well rested you are more able to handle the stresses of life that come your way. You are also less inclined to turn to food to help you to cope.

These are all good reasons to pay attention to how much sleep you get. When you find yourself at the point of exhaustion recognize it and do not push yourself beyond it. Give yourself permission to go to bed. If you don’t, then your weight among other things will pay the price.

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