Is it Comfort Food You Need or Just Plain Comfort?

Cookie ImageThe next time you want to reach for some comfort food stop and ask yourself if it is food you really want or if you are just looking for some comfort?

What you may not realize is that when you use food as a means of comforting yourself you are actually denying yourself the comfort that you need at that moment and that you also deserve.

The real need that you should be listening to is not getting heard if you rush to the refrigerator or the cupboards to look for something to eat whenever you feel tired, angry, anxious, sad, scared, frustrated or just plain stressed out.

You may experience a temporary sense of comfort as you eat your food of choice but then guilt will set in as soon as you finish eating and you will not experience the lasting comfort that you really seek.

As long as you keep covering up the reason(s) behind why you want to be comforted with food the real issue will remain buried and hidden from your view. Until you pay attention to the desires that come from deep inside of you nothing will change and you will continue to overeat and hate yourself for it.

We all want comfort sometimes. Whether you had an argument with a loved one, just returned home from a job interview or are feeling worn down and exhausted from a series of life problems the need for comfort is there. But you can find comfort on its own without giving into the temptation to eat a bag of chips or some ice cream.

To deal with your need for comfort, which is common to so many people, you need to take the focus away from covering up the symptoms of the problem and you must focus on getting your real needs met.  Really focus here. Ask yourself what it is going to take to help you to address the feeling you are experiencing, other than eating food? What do you need to move you to a better place in your life?

Once you can zero in on the real issues then food ceases to take center stage as your means of comfort when life knocks you down.

Next time you want to eat for comfort pause for a moment to observe yourself and to think it through. Do you really need food or do you really need to do something else that can offer you a sense of genuine comfort? Often times we want comfort food to help us unwind from a difficult or frustrating day at our workplace. That is all. But there are healthier options for you to explore. If you are angry then perhaps you can vent to a friend. If you are feeling overwhelmed then talk to someone.

Identify why you want to eat and then look for other ways to cope.

We all have needs and you need to figure out how to deal with yours head on and directly so you won’t bury your face in a big bag of chips. There are coping mechanisms that are much longer lasting and healthier than food. Food after all is to provide fuel to the body and to be eaten when physically hungry not when we are emotionally hungry.

Becca Scott
Staff Writer
Smoke Free At Last


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