Keep Your Weight and Your Nutritional Needs in Mind

Bad Nutritional Concept ImageIndulging in foods you enjoy once in a while is all right to do as is overeating (such as when you go to visit your mother or go out to a party) as long as it does not happen frequently. Loving the taste of something and wanting to eat a little more of it than you need to is fine as food is not something that you are supposed to dislike (fine once in a while that is).

Is it possible to indulge in the pleasure of food and not have to worry that your weight will pay the price?

Sure it is. These two things are not mutually exclusive. It is also possible to enjoy foods you really like on occasion without completely forgetting your nutritional needs.

An extra helping of manicotti or a second helping of your sister’s delicious sweet and sour meatballs will not render your weight loss totally ineffective.

What you need to do is learn to keep your weight and your commitment to your good nutritional habits in mind when those moments of wanting to indulge come up; because they will (you know they will!).

You do this by planning ahead. If you are not very good at planning in general then you can learn as this is a skill that takes effort and time but eventually it will become second nature to you if you work at it.

An example of how you might do this is if you plan to go out for an evening to a supper or a social event then eat less and take in fewer calories the day of the event. In this way guilt will not set in when you linger at the table a little longer that evening. It is similar to budgeting your money. If you spend a little more on yourself this month then you may have to spend a little less next month to stay within the budget that you have devised.

So it is with your weight.

Do not take advantage of keeping your weight in mind however. This does not mean that you can eat whatever you want for the whole day or eat poorly. Plan indulgences but do not give yourself free license to throw in the towel completely for that day. Instead adjust your eating habits accordingly to make the extra food you eat not really be an extra at all (just an extra at that one sitting). This can and will work.

Be proactive and feel empowered that you can still enjoy the occasional food indulgence without ruining your weight loss goals and without seeing your weight start to creep up on you. Delaying gratification can make it possible for you to enjoy your special dinner or whatever occasion will have you eating more food while still keeping on track with your weight and your desire to eat nutritiously.

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