Paying Attention to the Size of Your Plates!

Oversize Plate ImageWhen you go to a restaurant do you ever take the time to notice the size of the plates that you are eating your food on? If you don’t then next time you eat out make an effort to pay close attention to the plate sizes.

What you will discover might surprise you – the plate sizes in restaurants are getting bigger and bigger!

While you may wonder – what’s the big deal with that? – the reality is that plate size has an effect on your weight and can affect your ability to shed pounds.

You see it is a subtle psychological trick that often does the trick nicely.

The larger the plate is the more food it will hold and the more you will end up consuming. It works in reverse when the plate is small. Restaurants of course are in the business to make money so they want you to eat as much as possible, thus the larger plates!

Many of the plates we eat our food on today have more in common with platters than what we often think of as plates. If you compare modern plate sizes with the plates from the 1940s and 1950s you will see that this is definitely the case. It takes quite a bit more food to make those lovely plates from decades ago look as full as plates often do today. There are many restaurants that serve plates to their customers that are brimming with food! Oh how bad this is for weight conscious individuals!

According to Brian Wansink, the director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab and the author of the book Mindless Eating the larger plate sizes have been a contributing factor in how much food as a society that we consume. For many people who identify as emotional eaters they often felt denied or cheated out of food when they were children. As a result these individuals do not want to miss out now that they are adults so every opportunity they can find to fill up their plates as full as possible they take advantage of it.

The bigger your plate is the more you can (and will) eat. See where this is leading?

Size then really does matter when it comes to food and the plate size on what the food is served. If you are not convinced of this then try eating out of smaller plates and bowls and see what happens when you do. You might be able to trick your brain into believing that a small plate that is full is more satisfying than is a larger plate that is sparsely filled – even if both plates contain the exact same amount of food. Try it as an experiment.

Eating your meals on smaller plates and out of smaller bowls will have an impact on your weight. Put it to the test and you will see for yourself.

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Staff Writer
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