The PACE Heart Rate Monitor – Takes Away All the Guesswork

Heart rate monitors aid better results

The Pace Heart Rate Monitor Wrist Watch provides a way for you to get the best out of the 12-Minute Fitness Revolution program. Here’s how.

The PACE® 12-Minute Fitness Revolution system provides a multitude of workout exercises to achieve your goals. This may be weight loss, increased sport performance, or just a general fitness program for your heart and lungs.

A heart rate monitor makes a great compliment to an exercise program as it takes the guesswork out of whether you’re doing the exercises appropriately and making progress towards your fitness goals.

Certain clients I see can benefit from an exercise program.

For example, people that come to me to quit smoking, I encourage them after they stop to take up some gentle exercise – walking is fine at first. Recovery of most people’s lungs starts the day after they quit.

The PACE Fitness Revolution is ideal for increasing lung capacity, and this is exactly what ex-smoker’s need to help their recovery of this damaged organ.

Each of the workout schedules in the program – and indeed in most exercise programs – has a target heart rate. A target heart rate range for an individual session ensures you get the greatest benefit from the workout without overtaxing your body.

At the beginning it’s more important to gently ease into the PACE program – there are no awards for pushing yourself beyond your limits and ending up on the couch.

Modern treadmills at most gyms tend to have heart rate monitors so you can program your workout and measure how you’re doing against your target. This is all fine and dandy if you’re doing long slow cardio type training.

But programs similar to Dr Al Sears Fitness Revolution are composed of progressive short bursts of interval training lasting just one or two minutes, followed by a recovery period, and then another short burst repeated.  Waiting the right amount of time for your heart rate to return to your resting rate can be a little bit tricky.

The PACE Heart Rate Monitor takes all the guesswork out of your exercise. Know when you’re in the target heart rate zone by setting an alarm, and program to get reminded when you’ve been in it long enough!

Interval training is especially appropriate for weight loss as it burns fat the right way – see my recent post about PACE® 12-Minute Fitness Revolution for Weight Loss here. But interval training can require close monitoring at the beginning until you’re accustomed to what your target heart rate effort feels like and how much recovery rest you need – and this will change as you become more fit.

PACE Heart Rate Monitor

This is where the PACE Heart Rate Monitor Watch earns its keep. The easy to use and read device can be set up to guide you through your PACE workout and act as your personal coach on when to slacken off or when you need more effort.

I’ve seen heart rate monitors in the $100 – $200 range but they come with a lot of capabilities you don’t need and Dr Sears PACE watch is half the price of these geek gadgets.

The PACE Heart Rate Monitor includes a chest strap and wrist watch.

The strap ensures the heart rate signal sent to the watch is instant and accurate. Dr Al Sears is offering some bonuses at the moment with his heart monitor. If you’d like more information about it check out my PACE Heart Rate Monitor product page or try it now from here.

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