Using a Weight Loss DVD to Help You get Back on Track

DVD is good option for home weight loss program

If your weight loss plan is losing steam or if you are self-conscious about going to a gym to work out, or if you simply can’t afford a gym membership then a weight loss DVD used in the comfort of your own home may be exactly what you need.

The same holds true if you don’t wish to play team sports or if walking, jogging or cycling doesn’t appeal to you.

Some people don’t like having an audience when they work out which makes a weight loss DVD an excellent weight loss solution!

In selecting a weight loss DVD suitable for you, consider how much weight you need to lose, how many pounds you want to lose per week and how much time you have to devote to physical activity. Be as honest as possible with your assessment of each of these items.

There is any number of exercise/weight loss DVDs on the market and it’s vital you choose one most appropriate for you. Look for one meant for beginners. Instead of buying a DVD you might want to first rent one from the library. This may be a more budget savvy to find one that is geared towards your needs.

Visit fitness websites to look for recommendations regarding DVDs. It would also be helpful to read reviews in a variety of fitness magazines. Many magazines of this kind contain well researched reviews that consider the skill levels of the users as well as safety levels. If you know the names of any fitness gurus you also might want to do a search for them online to find out what they recommend to those new to weight loss DVDs.

Do not get ahead of yourself by assuming that an introductory DVD will be too elementary for you and instead jump to the more advanced levels. They are classified as introductory for very good reasons! You need to find a DVD that matches the fitness level you are at presently (not where you will be at in six months or a year).

It is also wise to heed the warnings weight loss DVDs have written on the cases and at the start of them. The guidelines state something to the effect of ‘Check with your doctor before beginning this or any other exercise program”. Being safe is always better than being sorry. Even if you are a healthy person this is important advice! Those who have a history of health problems such as high blood pressure or diabetics should never start to exercise to a weight loss DVD before checking with their  physician first.

Our recommended weight loss DVD is Dr. Al Sears PACE Program available on DVD format. You can learn more about it here.

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