What to Do If You Don’t Believe You Can Lose Weight

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This is not the right way to prepare for your weight loss program

If you’ve subjected yourself to a number of diet and weight loss programs including those “lose weight fitness” programs at your local gym and still end up weighing the same by the time the holidays come around again, then you may be on the verge of “throwing in the towel” on this weight loss treadmill.

Don’t – not until you’ve read this.

First, don’t believe the hype about a diet or a fitness program being the one thing you need. It’s not. Losing weight and keeping it off involves a holistic approach and there is no one “magic pill” that makes the difference.

Actually, there is a “magic pill” and it is… you.

There is no other person on this planet that can make you lose weight but you. No “Jenny Craig” diet or “South Beach” diet, no “Jillian Michaels” personal trainer in the gym, and let me also add my profession in the same breath – no hypnotist.

So while a diet, exercise and hypnosis can help, at the end of the day YOUR determination and resolve to lose weight and stay a healthy size will be the deciding factor between success and staying where you currently are.

But if you’ve lost “belief” in yourself and your ability to get and keep those unwanted pounds away then first you need to regain your ego and confidence for success, otherwise it will just be another wasted attempt – and you deserve better than that.

I realized this a number of years ago, and this is why the first hypnosis session in my weight loss program focuses on ego-strengthening so you have the belief you can lose the weight you need to lose and stay the course. It’s a critical success factor for most people and makes all the difference in my client’s success. It’s also support that a diet or exercise alone doesn’t address because it can’t provide this to you.

While healthy foods and exercise should be part of your weight loss program and I cover these aspects as part of my overall program, there is no doubt that instilling in you the confidence you’ll be successful is the single-most determining factor of reaching your goal by staying the course and then continuing on the changes in your lifestyle you’ve made.

So don’t commit to that next diet plan or expensive gym membership until you’ve recaptured the belief you can be successful because without it you’re just wasting your time and money.

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