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The other hypnosis resources here are partner sites to Smoke Free At Last and Free At Last Hypnosis, and articles that'll provide more information about hypnosis. The partners offer services and resources in locations we do not cover.

Hypnosis Professionals:

The Brenner Hypnosis Center - Florida

Bob Brenner is a professional colleague and a distinguished member of NGH. He runs is own hypnosis center out of central Florida. I consider Bob one of my valued mentors.

Hypnosis Articles:

Confidence Hypnosis - Building a Beautiful Mind

Confidence hypnosis is just a mindset away and can unlock potentials you dream about and here are some basic steps you can take today to make a difference.

Why Hypnosis is Not the Answer to Everything

As a Certified Hypnotist you’d expect me to use the “hammer of hypnosis” to beat down every bad habit of a client asking for help. A few taps and everything is back in place. Here's why it can't work that way and why this is a strength rather than a weakness.

Please Just Scrub My Barin Clean and Make Me Better

We’ll all guilty of struggling with a bad habit or personal issue and just wanting to find somebody that’ll make it all better with no work required of us. But this is doomed to failure and why I wouldn't take on a client who has this expectation.

Can Hypnosis Be Dangerous?

Because hypnosis deals with the subconscious mind but remains a misunderstood legitimate therapy for overcoming bad habits some people view it as dangerous. But it isn't dangerous and here's why.

How to Choose a Hypnotist That'll Work for You

How did you choose your Doctor? Bet you didn’t thumb through the yellow pages and pick out a name you liked the sound of – right? You probably applied a bit more rigor to the final decision of who would get your trust.

So why would you not apply the same rigor to choosing a hypnotist to help you quit smoking or lose weight? Here's some pointers on how to go about finding a hypnotist best for you.

What Does a Hypnosis Session Look Like?

Hypnosis may seem intimidating to many who don’t understand what a therapeutic hypnosis session looks like. After all most people’s first exposure to hypnosis is usually watching a hypnotist perform on stage using an audience looking to be entertained. This is not real world hypnosis. In this article I'll explain what to expect.

Isn't this Hypnosis Stuff Just Hocus-Pocus?

While hypnosis is an accredited therapy by the American Medical Association(AMA) it’s still misunderstood by many people who still think of it as magical hocus-pocus as opposed to a viable method of therapy. So let's "open" out what it is all about so you have the facts rather than the myths or the defensive stance of many of the medical professions.

What is Hypnosis? Understanding What You Need to Know

You've probably heard plenty about hypnosis but what do you really know about it? The subconscious is a powerful resource and hypnosis unlocks its power to help us overcome or cope with challenges. Here's hypnosis explained in a nutshell for you.


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