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Frequently Asked Questions


I've compiled on this page the most common questions I'm asked by new clients about hypnosis and NLP, and provided my responses.

Q: What if hypnosis doesn't work for me?

A: First, my written service agreement to you will provide enough sessions to help you achieve your goal to quit smoking, lose weight, or relieve stress. For most people the quit smoking program takes one session. You should set aside 2 hours plus traveling time for the session.

Q: I'm not sure I can be hypnotized?

A: Most people can be hypnotized even though they think they can't. There are a rare few circumstances where an alternative therapy to hypnosis would be recommended. These conditions would be discovered during the FREE phone screening session.

Q: What is NLP?

A: NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It's a way of tapping into your natural predispositions to effect changes in your habits. Combined with the power of hypnosis it provides you with a winning team for beating your struggles. I'll talk more about how NLP will help you at your FREE phone screening session.

Q: What will it feel like to be hypnotized?

A: You'll feel relaxed, and aware of your surroundings and everything that is being said and explained to you. You'll be in control all the time. It will be an enjoyable and rejuvenating experience for you.

Q: How long will I be asleep for?

A: You'll not go to sleep in the normal sense. You may loose track of time because you'll be relaxed and engaged in a highly focused and soothing experience for your brain and whole body.

Q: I've seen stage hypnosis and concerned I'll be asked to do or say things that'll embarrass me - will I?

A: One of the most common concerns I get relates to so-called "mind control", and is caused by the tremendous disservice many stage hypnosis acts have done to the theraputic value of hypnosis in tackling serious life problems.

I will not attempt, nor can I, force you to do anything against your will. This is one of the myths, caused by unethical stage hypnosis performers, that a person has complete power over what you do. This is just not true, and in our sessions together you'll remain in control all the time.


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