Why the PACE® Exercise for Weight Loss and Fitness Revolution Program Will Prove Everything You're Read about Burning Fat is Just Plain Wrong

How most aerobics or cardio programs
train your body to make fat rather than lose it.


Lasting weight loss is achieved by not only healthy eating habits but an exercise program. But most exercise for weight loss programs are just plain wrong.

weight-loss-woman-imageConventional exercise like aerobics or cardio such as jogging or exercising on equipment for long periods do not make the best programs for losing weight.

Instead of helping you to burn fat you end up storing more fat.


Conventional wisdom advocates you push your body into its "fat burning zone" and stay there for as long as you can.

But you don't want to burn fat when you're exercising as this just trains your body to make fat for when you exercise next.

You want to burn fat AFTER you exercise as the body replenishes the carbs in your muscles and other energy sources used up when exercising.

So how do you stop burning fat during exercising?

By exercising in short bursts of high intensity and keeping your exercise session length to 20-minutes or less.

During the first 20-minutes of exercise your body burns off energy and carbs from different sources, but AFTER 20-minutes your body starts to burn fat - and you don't want this.

There is a good deal of science behind this formula for fat burning - but I'm not the expert. The expert is Al Sears, MD.

Dr Al Sears has studied fitness programs and how exercise affects our body for many years and concluded prolonged exercise, the type many people do to help lose weight, just doesn't plain work.

Dr Al Sears PACE® fitness program - years in the making - promotes short bursts of increasing exercise intensity with longer recovery periods.

This means in 12-20 minutes you can achieve the same level of workout as 60 minutes of jogging or gym time - and also burn fat the right way to help you lose weight.

Up until now Dr Al Sears "PACE®: Exercise Program " was only available in an eBook downloadable version.

However, that's all changed because Dr Sears has updated and published a print version of his PACE® program - PACE®: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution.

In his new book he bursts the bubble of the aerobics and cardio industry by a return to realistic exercise workouts that help - not damage - your body.

The PACE exercise program is Dr Al Sears at his best, sharing remarkable insights based on results he's seen, and including many workout schedules and details so you can bring lasting change in keeping your weight under control.

Dr Sears has put together an information page explaining the PACE® fitness program and how it works, so you can decide yourself if it makes sense to become part of your exercise for weight loss and fitness program here.

I introduced my family to the PACE® exercise program last year and it quickly became part of our daily routine. The different exercise workouts are all described in detail - this is a practical book not a bunch of theory.

In fact my husband used the PACE program to help him start running again after a long bout of injuries. You can read all about his PACE running story here.

NOTE: This is not a lazy person's exercise program for losing weight. For brief periods you'll be asked to work hard - you will sweat - but you will get results if you follow the program.

Discover more about Dr Al Sears PACE: Fitness Revolution and Exercising for Weight Loss here.


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