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Erika Slater

Erika Slater

Hi my name is Erika Slater,

I’m a Certified Hypnotist with a private practice in the metro-west Boston, Massachusetts area. But don’t worry the information here is valuable to you regardless where you live in the world.

But more importantly for you I’m an ex-Smoker, and I’ve created this blog to provide you information about smoking, how to stop smoking, and hypnosis.

I’ve also included information about weight loss because I’ve found many smokers worry about gaining weight if they quit.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about smoking cessation and hypnosis that is questionable and dubious value. How many web sites have you visited today that are full of junk and garbage content designed with the hope you’ll click and buy something. And you don’t even know who the heck owns the site! Well, I own this site and my contact details are below if you need help or have questions about the content on this site.

And that brings me to the information you’ll find here.

Smoking Liberation News has one premise – to provide you information that will help you get out of the smoking trap for good. Whether you decide to quit smoking on your own going cold turkey, using patches or gum, or even prescription drug… I don’t really care. I just want you to know the options and facts around those options, so you make an informed decision.

But you’ll not only find information related to helping you quit smoking here. We also have articles on weight loss, health, and nutrition. These all compliment each other as many clients tell me they are concerned about weight gain after quitting, and leading a healthy life-style as a non-smoker.

The blog has regular updates scheduled so you can come back and return or subscribe to the feed orĀ email list to get notification of new content when posted.

I look forward to you becoming a non-smoker and living a healthy life-style for the rest of your successful life.

You can find more information about my comprehensive hypnotherapy services for Worcester and Metrowest Boston MA area here >>>

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