Quit Smoking Sessions – What is your Guarantee?

No Guarantee ConceptRecently, I wrote about a conversation I had with a smoker regarding the cost of my stop smoking program. In it we explored the misplaced logic some people have to the value they place on choosing help to resolve a problem.

Price is definitely a dimension people use to evaluate the benefits of a solution. Certainly, for commodity items you can understand. If I can buy my favorite brand of coffee for $2 per bag less at a place just as convenient to go to as one charging more then why not? Gas for the car is another example.

I’m sure you can think of many similar examples from your everyday life.

But should this carry over to an important potentially life-saving choice such as seeking help to quit smoking?

This is where price and value need deeper analysis. Certainly paying more isn’t necessary better, right? But with a service, like a product, you invariably “get what you pay for.”

But today I’m going to talk about another question I get, and it revolves around the issue of those words “Guarantee.”

First, I don’t offer a money-back guarantee for my stop smoking program. Why not – I hear you say? Don’t you have confidence in your program and abilities – is probably your next question in the same breath!

My answer is – Yes, I do have confidence in my abilities and program as I’ve been doing smoking cessation successfully since 2004. But I can’t make you stop doing something unless you want to. Smoker’s looking for a magic wand solution need to reconsider their motivations to quit. A smoker is an active participant in their quitting program, not a passive bystander waiting to be “fixed” by somebody else.

Frankly, a money-back guarantee is a crutch.

You see offering this type of guarantee for a Stop Smoking Program is setting most people up for the failure of not quitting. If they feel they have nothing to lose if it doesn’t work then they enter the program with the totally wrong mindset. This is being disrespectful of somebody who wants to quit.

There are a number of problems with offering money-back guarantees and why I don’t give them, but in effect offer something much more valuable to clients.

I provide a free monthly group quit smoking booster session. Clients who have been through my 3 session stop smoking program can attend as many of the booster sessions as they need.

The booster session is designed for clients who have quit but feel their commitment is being tested because of things going on in their life or environment. Many people after quitting never experience any challenges or cravings but everybody is different and some do and benefit from a booster session. It provides a safe environment to fall back on if ever needed.

Offering these sessions to clients is more likely to help that ex-smoker stay a non-smoker than giving them a full refund, where they will just be back to where they were before they sought my help. That’s not the result I want for them.

In closing, I advise you to be wary of anybody offering a “guarantee” for their program. Understand the fine print and conditions before accepting the program because of the guarantee. In addition to getting comfortable with the guarantee answer the question “Is the hypnotist experienced in smoking cessation programs with a proven track record?” I’ll tackle this subject deeper for you in another post.

Whatever method you use to quit or whoever you choose to help you I wish you every success because at the end of the day becoming a non-smoker is the best result for you.

Erika Slater, CH
Free At Last Hypnosis

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Erika Slater is Director of Free At Last Hypnosis and Smoke Free At Last and based in the metro-west Boston and Worcester Massachusetts region. Erika is a Certified Hypnotherapist and writes articles and books on the subject of hypnosis and alternative health. Erika has been a professional hypnotist since 2004 and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. Erika has her office in North Grafton, Massachusetts where to spends most of her clinic hours helping people quit smoking and losing weight.

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