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Erika Slater is Director of Free At Last Hypnosis and Smoke Free At Last and based in the metro-west Boston and Worcester Massachusetts region. Erika is a Certified Hypnotherapist and writes articles and books on the subject of hypnosis and alternative health. Erika has been a professional hypnotist since 2004 and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. Erika has her office in North Grafton, Massachusetts where to spends most of her clinic hours helping people quit smoking and losing weight.

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Free At Last Hypnosis Services Opens Sandwich Cape Cod Office

Free At Last Hypnosis has opened an additional office in Sandwich MA to provide hypnotherapy services to Cape Cod. Erika Slater CH is the Director and provides all the services to clients. more here…

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Free At Last Hypnosis Services in North Grafton

Free At Last Hypnosis has expanded our services by offering Free self-hypnosis workshops. We made them available to our current clients in the fall of 2015 and they’ve proved popular. here’s more…

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Why New England Winter Reminds me of Weight Loss and How to Beat it!

Here’s a different way of looking at weight loss and how it compares with a New England winter and tips to beat the losing weight cycle!

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Not Cool to Talk about Health Risks to Smoking Teenagers

If you’re looking to ensure your kids don’t start smoking or stop if they are, then don’t think talk about health risks will do it – but here’s how…

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Treating the Symptoms Rather Than the Cause

Stress is the cause of many symptoms – but too often we fix the symptoms but not the underlying cause – here’s food for thought on how to get at core…

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25 Ways to Better Relaxation Using Hypnosis

Here are 25 self-hypnosis sessions you can download to your MP3 player to achieve better relaxation and reduce stress in your life to enjoy it more…

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10 Ways to Deal with Difficult People

If difficult people are making you a nervous wreck or living a life of hell then it doesn’t have to be that way – here is some help for you…

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Giving Up Wheat for Benefit of Your Health and Weight

Modern wheat contains things our body was never meant to handle and much of is stored as fat – belly being obvious place – discover more and what to do here.

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4 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress impacts our happiness and health – we can’t eradicate it but here are 4 simple ways to help reduce it in your life.

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The 4 Rules of Eating to Get To and Stay at Your Right Size

It doesn’t matter what diet you’re on stick to these 4 rules and you will get to your ideal weight and stay there – these are simple to remember.

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The Last Smoke of Your Life

If you’ve made the decision to stop smoking then avoid what most smokers do and continue to smoke until they get into a program – why continue the risk?

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The Changing Face of Hypnosis

Hypnosis has moved beyond just helping with smoking cessation and weight loss and into the self-help and self-improvement sphere – here’s more…

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The Brown Fat Revolution – Can It Help You with Weight Loss?

Is Brown Fat and its ability to burn white fat the next weight loss revolution? Find out the good, the bad and ugly here…

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Taking the Risk out of Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a risky business – every time you eat there is the risk you will blow your diet or ingest something you hadn’t intended – plan here…

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Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) 101 Series

Heard the term Neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP and haven’t clue what it is and how it could help you? Read on and discover a new primer just for you.

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Quit Smoking Sessions – What is your Guarantee?

Here is my explanation on why I don’t offer a money-back guarantee for my smoking cessation program but offer something more valuable to clients.

Getting to Your Goals the Red Sox Way – Part 2

In our second article of this series we cover three more Red Sox baseball team ways from 2013 that can help you in getting to your goals.

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Getting to Your Goals the Red Sox Way – Part I

Having goals is good for your health as it keeps you focused and energized – Here’s my take on the how this relates to the Boston Red Sox Team of 2013.

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Food Companies Pledge Reduction in Saturated Fats – Why It Won’t Work

Finally food companies are acknowledging of the bad things they’ve been pumping into their foods – but is it enough? You decide here…

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Chasing the Cheapest – An Enlightening Conversation with a Smoker

When it comes to quitting smoking taking the cheapest route should not be as important as actually finding a solution that helps you stop – but wait…

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Smoke Free At Last Moves to New Offices in North Grafton

Smoke Free At Last now operates out of its office in North Grafton – 80 Worcester Street, Suite 10, North Grafton, MA 01536 – read more here…

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What to Do If You Don’t Believe You Can Lose Weight

Many people struggle to keep weight off or be successful in weight loss program because they don’t believe they can be successful – here’s what to do.

Hypnosis can help avoid crash and burning

Tap Into Your Subconscious to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

The powerful subconscious mind can be used to reduce stress and anxiety in your life in a easy, quick, convenient and enjoyable manner – here’s more…

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On a Scale of 1-10 How Badly Do You Want to Quit Smoking?

Here’s a technique I use to help me determine if somebody will be successful in my stop smoking program – you can use it yourself to test if you’re ready.

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Cross Training and Healthy Food for Runners

Cross training and healthy foods and supplements are a great way to help runners improve their performance by improving recovery and avoiding injuries.

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